Disbelief Media Investors

A new way to finance film production.

Simon Hall

Current company status

Advanced Assurance received from the HMRC for the SEIS. Investors’ net risk is 22% without CGT relief and there is no risk with CGT relief.

Options agreed on our first four projects with development complete on one. The company is securing IP assets.

Database of over 1000 industry targets built – including talent agents, sales agents, distributors, crew, production companies, finance companies etcetera.
 Team assembled including personal mentor Gub Neal (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0623614/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1). BAFTA-nominated and Emmy-winning producer Gub is a consultant to Disbelief Media, and will consider executive or co-producing green lit projects. His career highlights include Prime Suspect and Cracker, he is currently producing TV series The Fall starring Gillian Anderson. He has successfully raised tens of millions of pounds in production finance across both private and public money in his career. He has offered invaluable advice and contacts, for example introducing Disbelief to one of the country’s leading media lawyers, Lee & Thompson. He has also just reviewed the finance plan for Twitcher.

Relationships built with over 50 IFA firms.

Second meeting set up with Ingenious Media for January 2013.



1. Script

The screenplay has gone through a number of drafts as a result of extensive research.

For example, we now have a relationship with Ambitious About Autism (a North London-based charity founded by, amongst others, best-selling and award-winning author and scriptwriter Nick Hornby). AAA put us in touch with a real family with autistic daughters of a similar age to the lead character in Twitcher.

Disbelief Media also has a relationship with The Samaritans and The RSPB who, following face to face meetings, have offered expert advice to improve the script.

 2. Cast and Crew

Writer-director Leanne Welham is going from strength to strength, having been selected from hundreds of applicants to direct a half hour drama as part of Channel 4’s 2013 Coming Up talent scheme.

Disbelief has a shortlist of two casting directors:

Kelly cast the writer/director’s last short film, has a good relationship with the team and is interested. Rose has agreed to come on board in principle.

Twitcher’s crew is likely to include the first assistant director, production manager and location manager of Midsomer Murders, ITV’s flagship and hugely successful mystery drama. These crew members have the perfect experience and contacts for Twitcher’s rural shoot - many locations have already been scouted.

3. Option

Option negotiations are complete and on budget according to the business plan. Twitcher has to be shot in the summer. This option will give Disbelief two windows (summer 2013 and 2014) to produce the film.

4. Pitch

Marketing pitch to industry almost complete - see http://twitcherthemovie.com/ and enclosed brochure. Sales agency approaches to begin in the new year using these materials.

5. Budget and Scheduling

Completed by Sarah Jane Wheale with assistance by Kristian Dench. Budget set at £2.5 million.

6. Fundraising

Hundreds of private investor targets identified through research into celebrities and High Net Worths who have expressed an interest in the main themes of the film through their public or private work. Application for public funding / finance plan almost complete and to be reviewed by Gub Neal.

7. PR and Marketing

Currently in negotiation with The Samaritans and RSPB, as a starting point for a PR and Marketing framework to hand over to distributors ahead of theatrical release. For example, the RSPB have provisionally offered us the multiple use of 1,904,000 marketing “hits”. Next meeting set for late January.

8. Executive Producers

Gub Neal (EMMY winner) and Trademark Films (Oscar and BAFTA winners) have already offered extensive advice on the financing and pitching of the movie to the industry for no charge to the company or myself.

Another Oscar-winning production house, Bedlam films, has expressed initial interest in the project after a good first meeting with the writer/director and is currently reading the script.

Please note that involvement is by no means confirmed with any of the above yet.

9. Sales

It has been decided that Twitcher will progress along the festival route to commercial success.
Jesus and the Jetpack

Treatment by award-winning director Lucy Tcherniak, the writer-director of The Truth About Stanley. Lucy was signed up by the office of Danny Boyle’s agent that is part of Independent Talent Group Ltd, as a result of The Truth About Stanley. 

A 24-month option is in the final stages of negotiation.
Acclaimed playwright Luke Norris is working on the script with Lucy with a completed first draft by March 31st 2013. Luke wrote Goodbye to All That, which had a successful run at the Royal Court Upstairs and received four stars from The Guardian, The Times, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Independent and Time Out. 

Luke also is represented by Independent Talent Group Ltd, who are fully backing the project and have been most helpful in terms of making introductions. 


A high-concept sitcom written by Test Match Sofa co-founders Tom Clark and Daniel Norcross. As co-writer, Tom Clark has an indefinite option on this project. 

Daniel Norcross is an established name within the British entertainment industry, with multiple contacts in the comedy fraternity including well-known stand-up comedians. His profile, and that of Test Match Sofa, are higher than ever following the controversy surrounding the run up to the Oct-Dec India tour (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/cricket/article-2226174/Test-Match-Special-row-Jonathan-Agnew-hits-The-Cricketer-defends-Test-Match-Sofa.html). 

A new pilot of Jobs will be written by the end of January - drafts of first three episodes already written.

Here We Are

A brilliant and tragic love story set in the 1990s, with an amazing plot twist. Written by Neil Westley, co-writer of The Truth About Stanley. Indefinite option agreed in principle. The story is in part a road movie across Europe and as such is ripe for European co-production partnerships. The screenplay has been through a number of drafts in the last quarter of this year which Disbelief has script edited. Read-throughs with actors planned for early 2013.